Best Sex Position: Bring Her Back To The Game

Sex is better enjoyed by two people since it is the best and easiest way to reach orgasm naturally. Research shows that men love sex more but women enjoy it better if it is done right. This is due to the fact that a woman can cum several times before the man even things of ejaculating. But there comes a time when the woman doesn’t feel like having sex. Perhaps the sex drive goes away at a certain stage in life. But then how can you bring it back? Here is a deep look into the topic.

There is no reason why women should lose interest in sex. Sex is good and healthy. It relieves stress and strengthens your relationship with your man. There are more reasons why you need to be getting sex and giving sex to your partner.

One of the main reasons why most women lose interest in sex is doing the same thing over and over again. Trying out new positions and incorporating new things like sex toys can actually bring the ecstasy back. Here are some of the best positions that will make a woman want more of your dick every day.

Doggy Style

This is a popular style and for the good reasons. It can turn the woman on and give her orgasm faster than ever. This animalistic position works because it offers deep stimulation. This is a position that works who get orgasm from deep penetration or direct G-spot stimulation. The woman can play with her clit while in this position.

Girl On Top

This is also another position that will awaken the sex interest in the woman. Since the woman is mostly in control in this position, she controls the tempo and understands the right vaginal walls to concentrate on. This is also the position for anal stimulation. So if the woman is into that kind of thing, the man can stretch his hand and finger her asshole as she rides on top.

The Bridge

The bridge position also works since it offers a lot of eye contact. The position creates a very deep stimulation. This is a wonderful feeling of fullness all women love. This position will no doubt make her come back for more. The man can stroke properly the clitoris that’s right in front and center of him. Alternatively, the woman can reach down to it and stimulate herself.

Any position that puts the woman in control or allows her to reach her vagina for self-stimulation will make her want sex every time you mention it. That’s how you bring out the animal in her. will provide you more interesting things.

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